This week I learned about OneShop, which is a new E-commerce management platform that help online businesses expand. My mom owns multiple clothing stores and she was the one who told me about it. Her employees use OneShop as a marketing strategy. OneShop allows people to tag products on Instagram, which allows consumers to directly shop through the platform. It has been an outstanding tool for online businesses because it promotes and increases brand engagement. I want to implement OneShop into my own clothing brand so my customers can shop more efficiently.

End of Q1 Reflection

  • What have you been learning so far? Give a brief summary.

After having my interview with Kathryn Ruocco, I learned what “brand purpose” and “influencer strategy” was. As I previously explained in my interview blog post, brand purpose is what defines a company’s image. The company Kathryn works for, Droga5, uses an influencer strategy to design a brief influencers have to follow when advertising for a brand. After reading some of the scholarly articles that Ms. Harris and I discovered, I learned that social media can allow niche targeting and allow brands to speak to particular corners of their target audience that other media wouldn’t allow them to reach.

  • What has stirred your emotions?  Anything delightful, intriguing, frustrating, shocking?

My first interview went really well and I learned so much from Kathryn! I was super nervous about it at first but once we started talking, the conversation started flowing very naturally. It was definitely a success and was delightful. However, setting up interviews is still the major obstacle that I have faced. I either don’t get a response or there is not enough communication from the interviewee to the point where we can’t figure out a time that works for both of us. 

  • What new questions do you have about this topic?

I want to learn more about how consumers interact socially and what/how information spreads over social media. I’ve learned a lot about how influencers can positively affect brands and their social media, but what are the cons of advertising on social media? 

  • Review your blog posts so far. Have they opened up conversations or led to new learning? 

So far in my blog posts, I talk a lot about how influencers are helpful to brands when promoting tier products. However, a conversation that has been left untouched is if influencers have any negative impact on advertising.

  • What has been the most helpful thing that has come from meetings with your content advisor?

Part of my learning process is talking through content and research with Ms. McEnroe, so checking in with her every once in a while is very helpful. She also asks me a lot of clarifying questions which helps me fill in gaps with research.

  • What do you need to change?

I want to start meeting with Ms. McEnroe more often and I would like to find at least 1 new article each week since social media is constantly evolving.

Influencer Advertising Research

After meeting with Ms. Harris and finding scholarly articles, I learned a lot about how authenticity plays a huge role in social media influencers’ success. In the article “Impact of social media influencers’ endorsement on application adoption: A trust transfer perspective”, it is explained that trust is a critical predictor of whether or not someone will buy a product online, an action perceived as high risk and entailing great uncertainty. Consumers place a high level of trust in an influencer’s authenticity, implying that they believe influencers are reliable third-party endorsers in formulating and translating a brand’s message.

Social media influencers, who include bloggers, product reviewers, and industry experts can help a company’s potential customers make buying decisions. In a 2016 survey, Twitter reported that nearly half of their respondents consult influencers before shopping, and nearly 40% of them order products through the links in influencers’ posts. Persuasiveness stems from the fact that consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations more than they trust the brands’ own advertising. This is just one example of how influencers are transforming businesses and advertising. People want to see the products actually being used or worn by a real person, which is why they are more likely to trust an opinion from an influencer.


Hi everyone! 

I had my first interview with Kathryn Ruocco, who is a strategist for Droga5. Droga5 is a creative advertising agency that creates ads for social media and TV for brands and companies. Part of Droga5’s strategy is creating a “brand purpose”, which communicates what the brand stands for. A company defines its brand by using its brand purpose to drive what the creative team at Droga5 shows the consumers. Who the key audience is, what category the brand operates in, and core company values all determine the brand purpose. 

When asked about the emerging market with influencers and how they are used, Kathryn explained how they are used as a well-thought-out plan for brands using influencer strategy. Influencers promote the brand to the target audience in a way that conveys the brand purpose and message in the desired way. However, influencers are not always recommended to every brand. Different social media platforms resonate with different kinds of people. For instance, TikTok and Instagram primarily have a younger audience and are more popular among influencers. Twitter and Facebook are primarily used by an older target audience. Kathryn explained how it is sometimes hard to stay on top of trends on social media because brands have to get the content posted before it isn’t relevant anymore. 

It was a great opportunity to speak with Kathryn and I learned a lot from her.

Finding Articles

Hey guys!

The goal of this week was to find scholarly articles for my research. I met with Ms. Harris and we came up with search terms to help us find what we were looking for. Some terms we used were “influencer marketing” and “social media marketing”. I wanted to focus more on influencers and their impact of marketing and advertising. Influencer marketing is a very new thing so it was a little challenging to find articles that fit my Independent Study. We ended up finding about six articles/texts to use for my research and I made some great progress! 

I’ll be back soon to tell you guys all about my first interview! Stay tuned!


Hi everyone! My name is Spencer Jennings and welcome to my blog for my Independent Study about Entrepreneurship Through Social Media! This is where I will write my thoughts, findings from my research, and any interesting tips or tricks I have learned about social media. I am an influencer on social media and I also started my own clothing brand this past Spring called House of Spence. The goal of my Independent Study is to learn how to use social media in ways to benefit and grow businesses. I will be conducting my own research and setting up interviews with many different professionals. Social media is constantly evolving, so it is hard to keep up with the latest trends. But, I will address how business owners can keep their business relevant as technology and trends change. I will also touch on the topic of influencers and how they play a role in advertising for brands and companies. I know social media is intimidating but it’s not scary, I promise! I hope you enjoy and learn something new from my Independent Study!